White Sails Beer Flights

White Sails is an Award-Winning Craft Brewery and Taproom.

Located across the street from Maffeo Sutton Park in the heart of Downtown Nanaimo, White Sails is a community gathering place and local craft beer hub.

With a large 100 seat West-Coast inspired Taproom, White Sails is all about bringing the community together through craft and passion.

From locally-inspired brews to rotating local artwork, White Sails is dedicated to celebrating Nanaimo and providing a window into life in the Hub City.

White Sails taproom

The Vision

The vision was to create a gathering space where people can relax, meet with friends, celebrate an event or milestone and enjoy fresh craft beers while connecting with the community around them. With local artwork, live music, and community events, there’s always something brewing at White Sails.

The Sails

White Sails was inspired by the large white masts that anchor our community from the North and South and is also a tribute to Nanaimo’s heritage, environment and community. It reflects the City flag, which includes a ship with billowing white sails that commemorate the settlers of Nanaimo that sailed from England.

The Ambiance

The ambiance combined with great craft beers is what White Sails is all about! A large, open concept west-coast Taproom is the perfect backdrop to connect and engage. With over 100 seats, board games, locally sourced menu, full coffee bar and a relaxing, laid back vibe, the White Sails Taproom invites you in to taste what Nanaimo is all about. 

The History

The history of the location is really cool too. It’s on the site of the old Newcastle Hotel which was built in the late 1800’s by the owner of one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest breweries at the time – Union Brewing.