Our Story

Chapter 1


White Sails Brewery Nanaimo BC

Hey, I’m White Sails, a new craft brewery and tap house in Nanaimo.

I live close to the downtown waterfront, across the street from one of the City’s jewels, Maffeo Sutton Park.  I’m a craft brewery with a fab tap house who used to be an old neighbourhood pub and I’m  super excited to be a part of the downtown revitalization.

You’ll recognize me by my knots. My knots are about tying our craft brewery and our community together.

The Vision

My owners’ vision is to create a gathering space where people can relax, meet with friends, celebrate an event or milestone and enjoy fresh craft beers. It will also be a place where everyone feels welcome and where local musicians and artists can participate in jam sessions or open mike nights.

The Ambiance

The ambiance combined with great craft beers is what White Sails is all about!  The excitement of sailing on the open ocean, the exhilaration when you get going and the peacefulness and relaxed feeling of being so close to nature all symbolize the ambiance in White Sails’ tap house.

The Sails

My name was inspired by the large white masts that anchor our community from the North and South and is also a tribute to Nanaimo’s heritage, environment and community. It reflects the City flag, which includes a ship with billowing white sails that commemorates the settlers of Nanaimo that sailed from England.

The History

The history of the location is really cool too. It’s on the site of the old Newcastle Hotel which was built in the late 1800’s by the owner of one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest breweries at the time – Union Brewing.

See you soon at my place where you can meet Tyler our Head Brewer and the rest of our awesome team.