Yellow Point Pale Ale

Relax as you walk the shores, respect the passing whale and admire the setting sun. Skim the calm waters with your paddle to center yourself and know, you will always return to this place.

Tasting Notes:

Medium bodied. Caramel notes and a prominent malt forward flavour with a toasty finish, complimented with a blend of UK hops for a sweet floral character.


Water, barley malt, hops, yeast

Aroma & Finish:

Malt forward with caramel notes and a toasty finish

Pale Ale

5.5% abv, 40 ibu

On Tap (6oz, 16oz)
Growler Fill (32oz, 64oz)
Bomber Bottles (650mL)

Colour Profile:

Weight Profile:
Medium Bodied