Departure Bay Session Ale

This buzzing social port frequented by beach bums and known for its infamous bath tub races has many stories to tell. It will greet you with its shores, wave you goodbye and leave you forever inspired.

Tasting Notes:

Light bodied. Crisp fruit flavours, citrus notes and a smooth creamy undertone makes this a refreshing session ale.


Water, barley malt, wheat malt, hops, yeast

Aroma & Finish:

Light citrus aroma w/  delicate wheat and malt profile

Session American Wheat Ale

4.6% abv, 25 ibu

On Tap (6oz, 16oz)
Growler Fill (32oz, 64oz)
Bomber Bottles (650mL)

Colour Profile:
Golden Straw

Weight Profile:
Light Bodied