Tyler Papp

Head Brewer

Born and raised in Alberta, Tyler started his career as a brewery worker at Brewsters Brewing Company. Tyler’s love of drinking beer quickly transformed into a love of crafting beer. His love of the big city, however, faded and he moved on to small town BC in pursuit of a slower pace and more brewing opportunities. Three towns and three breweries later, he’s delighted to be in Nanaimo as Head Brewer for White Sails Brewing. For over a decade, Tyler has been gaining knowledge and respect for beer while pursuing his formal training at the Siebel Institute of Technology. He really enjoys being in the brewery and all the challenges included – there is always something to learn or new techniques to employ. And he’s cranked up about developing new recipes for the many beers and beer styles that White Sails will be brewing. When not brewing, Tyler is taking care of his two boys and trying to find some spare time to enjoy the outdoor activities he loves including snowboarding, skateboarding, hiking, biking and camping.

“I’m looking forward to being a part of the great craft beer scene already established in Nanaimo, and of course the Canadian craft beer mecca known as Vancouver Island. I don’t have a “favourite” beer style, as there are too many great ones to choose from, but I do enjoy the invigorating flavour experience of a well crafted IPA.”

  • Brewing Great Beer 100%

Teighlor Overton

White Sails Taproom Manager

Teighlor spent the last 5 years living in Vancouver working her way up into hospitality management . When she met the craft beer scene two years ago it hit home in three big ways, creativity, sense of community and people. Slap on a new found love and discovery of good craft beer and you have one very intrigued Teighlor.

Being from Nanaimo originally and seeing the small transformations happening in its downtown core sparked an interest in moving back to start something of her own. She missed island time, the ocean at her door step and the nature that surrounds the city. After many trips home and one chilly yet sunny day at a coffee shop, Teighlor met Co founder Brad McCarthy. Realizing they had similar goals and values Teighlor quickly met the rest of the team and her journey with White Sails Brewing set sail.

  • Serving Great Beer 100%