Old City SMASH V

From cobble streets and top hat greets to the “back in my days” with their simpler ways. When mayors dressed in pirate clothes, why he chose, no one knows. Throw back beers, with friends to cheers. In summer time, we have no fears. Nanaimo bars and bathtub races, coal mine traces and war time faces. This, is our Old City.

Tasting Notes:

Light bodied and easy drinking with a crisp Pilsen malt flavour highlighting the Citra hop’s subtle tropical notes of melon and lychee.


Water, malted barley, hops, yeast

Aroma and Finish:

Subtle tropical fruit and melon notes


Single Malt and Single Hop
(Pilsen and Citra)


5.0% abv, 35 ibu

Seasonally Available:

On Tap (6oz, 16oz) Growler Fill (32oz, 64oz) Bomber Bottle (650mL)

Colour Profile:


Weight Profile:

Light Bodied