West Coast Logger

Unsurprisingly, our West Coast Logger is… well a west coast lager. Crisp, light and refreshing, the West Coast Logger has subtle malt sweetness, balanced with a blend of tart and fruity west coast hops, providing a refreshing, easy drinking finish. Not too heavy, not too hoppy, and best enjoyed with sunshine, the West Coast Logger is the quintessential west coast summer beer.

Tasting Notes:

Refreshing west coast lager with a clean malt profile and distinct hop bitterness. Subtle hints of spice, citrus and pine.


Water, malted barley, hops and yeast

Aroma and Finish:

Faint citrus and spice, subtle sweetness


West Coast Lager


5.0% abv, 48 ibu

Seasonally Available:

On Tap (6oz, 16oz) Growler Fill (32oz, 64oz)

Colour Profile:


Weight Profile:

Light Bodied